Sunday, February 8, 2015

Note on Tundra chosen by DoubleCross Press to be among their catalogue of chapbooks + 1st E t A l. Reading + next readings in town

Word just got in by DoubleCross Press that they intend, have intentions with, toward "Note On Tundra," a chapbook of mine sent during their open reading period. Writ during the 'ol Caldwell days, wrapped in musics, seasons, derived via socio-sensory immersion residence heyday + citizenship still new to this city's objective portraits, it's got two prefaces ( ! ).

One used to be able to read them free and clear by the link over on the right says "Likewise Folio" but they're off drinking tahiti shots or some such. They might have copies at AWP too ( Minnesota? ), baby's first things, so be looking good for 'em, no idea on costs yet.

Much thanks for their appraisal and enthusiasms, check out their catalogue already, they have radiant, handbound, unique, limited print run chapbooks from ultra tight poets like Paige Taggart, Jen Tynes, Brian Teare, Joshia Marie Wilkinson.


So there went that, the initial E t A l. Poetry Reading was the other eve, and went, sound was issue, seating was issue, two things that can be fixed prior to and blameless can be adjusted for a community, still woulda been nice to get the dinosaurs not to eat the guests.

Amy Wright, Lisa Dordal, Ben Burr read their good stuff, Amy from her new 'Cracker' chap ("…fire that has drought…"), Lisa from her 'Commemoration' ("…passing warm coins to each other…") book, and Ben, well I'm not sure where he pulled his material from but he spit his strong beard song above the chatter, sounds and sounds, ("...the trouble, the trouble…"), his new book 'The in-between of Two Things,' also had a read aloud the very next night at his book release party.

Thanks to you is the newest thank you, and thanks to them all and continued and as well future ones.

Speaking of which, people are putting out words for the next E t A l. readings, Deborah Bernhardt in March, Sean Patrick Hill in April.

Check the E t A l. effbook group page for news and all that.


The light blankets are coming on outside this place downtown hung, a few days left until INDIA.


Next reading type stuff in town

2nd Annual Heartbreak Happy Hour, Porch Writers' Collective + Nashville Scene / Stone Fox, Sunday, Feb 8th, 5pm

Band of Poets, Nashville Review / Bobby's Idle Hour / Tuesday, Feb 10th, 9pm

The 2nd E t A l. Reading / Deborah Bernhardt, Meagen Crawford, Beth Bachmann / Dino's, Thursday, March 12th, 8pm

And and and, former ( ? ) poet laureate of the universe of the united states of us, Natasha Tretheway, Vanderbilt's Visiting Writers Series / March 19th.