Thursday, August 28, 2014

'Bayless' ( E. Liebowitz ? ), Beefshow Laborshow, + Poetry this eve

Holy mountains of amerigo, sun pouring itself out onto our ours. Been heavy into Jackqueline Frost, mentioned earlier, and then Evan Kennedy. Both of whom reach levels of confluence re a placing of a body into all larger bodies, an intender thing, tender placements into abrasive organisms, a political sequin onto the bodies themselves, a wearing gracefully, a certain ownership, uncertainty as certainly as held fire up to itself, they are both best of anything I've ever read ever lately, concerned alignments, land, land governors, psyche of the land governor, agreements with the world, qualms that micro out among with a tender jadedness, unreasonabilities, awayness, collective propulsion, disuassion, each. Someone said the word emo along the way which made me harden back, though it should not be occluded in a spectrum of everything, shapes of, perhaps.


On the Detroit front, ten finalists mentioned to be deathing it out for a hunger games spot to have a house to have to live in. Here they are. If you didn't get a house this time around, Write A House plan on placing writers into three homes this next year, keep being kept good Detroit.

A reading tonight, the ol' Jeff Hardin, whose voice alone in the nights of liquid are wooded. Go see him for comfort, go see him for care, might want to bring your own strong drink. It's over at The Scarritt-Bennett, Fondren Building, Vanderworld. 7pm, free.


And blessit ( The Beef have a show coming up again from last time they played The Basement left a mark upon the place and so get to Labor again, it's a Labor Day thing you should get yr freak on with us. Aug. 31, free, below Grimey's off 8th.


Also lately are Aussie crew Zeahorse. Stream their whole album there.

As are Roses.