Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recent Musics + 2 Nashpo Readings

First. Pile, Of Montreal, Wild Beasts.

Prom Song by Pile on Grooveshark

Colossus by of Montreal on Grooveshark

Please, Sir by Wild Beasts on Grooveshark


O, the Beef played Dino's again bassless though, an almost status on the EP as of now.


It was:

Now it's ( ? ):


And the poetry readings of late, Lynn Emanuel. The meta bursting all like woodmines. A question was asked about the prolonged and frequent presence of the writer in the writing, to which she replied "it's an ethical decision," to be judged alongside the poem, as inside of it. It's a good response to a practice of census that is not often pleasant. Names dropped - Frankie O, Gertrude, Ted B. "Chain," "ball," "page," "poet," "hovering," "now." "My Life" starts her newest book, Noose and Hook ( which thrusts the jowly ferocity of an open bear mouth out of the cover). One reviewer says that the book has "an advanced career quality." I don't think my opinions are relevant in the face of that.

Lyrical Brew had another month's worth of reading. Chance Chambers was the one that read well enough, "advanced career quality" material, though the advancement was in a certainty of where parts are, how they behave with other parts, how speed or the index of a situation is necessary or blurred, a physiological imperative with psychological tentacles ( all things the fictions hold for a helm ). Plus his effbook image is 308's five buck drink menu, plus he uses emoticons.