Friday, May 24, 2013

Missed Readings, ' P i d e r / Honey Locusts

Toubab Krewe is playing at my house ( also Exit/In tonight )

and tomorrow, May 25, duende forces Josephine Foster w/Victor Herrero play The Stone Fox with Honey Locust. Go there.

Also the Owl Farm is three for three on delivering straightup fun and delightful, stimulating, eccentric shows. I'm going more often.


Day the less objects jammed back into themselves, drum close wind, altered. After waking from men construction everywhere adjacent windows, I find little bones in the streets. Olsen's Maximus never got done, in face I owe money for re-re-re-rechecking it out /plus spilling coffee into her and quick bits of head hair during hair cut reads. Onto and re-into George Oppen, his brevity, linearity, machinations.

Our 'Pider, ya'll made this list of experimental journals- Selby's List 

As per norm of late, missed last nights Poet's Corner at Vanderbilt. Jamie Collins read, uh, his, uh, po, uh, etry. Also, I missed sentry Toni Morrison read at the Barnes & Noble last week too. 

O, PoetrySucks! is doing an open mic thing at homebase Dino's on the 6th, June.

*Recommended reading/listenings - explore yr tear ducts, compounded by the quality of his writing: Larry Eigner at PennSound. Pull up the written along with the vocal.