Monday, October 1, 2012

Haunt The Season ( I am your plant )


I have a baby plant ( though plants seem timeless and, thus, are never baby ), a succulent the Gambler brought upon me at the yard sale yestermorning. I cried 'Ezmerelda' and thusly she named according to my semiotic whim. It looks like Henry Kissinger, who was a baby when he was a baby.

"There are no isolated events." -Henry Kissinger

Zeitgeist, fall, transient both, but both here now. Zeitgeist will soon be disintegrated into a thousand shiny condos. How grand. Good chat with Lain York ( whose intricate statements surface other surface just below lake site atop deteriorate constructing palimpsests have been a staple of my experience of there ) on Nashville's art and re-locating the hierarchies of access to it ( gallery / warehouse : 'SoBro' / outlying areas ), ArtWalk, Hilsboro's business-integrating-art temperament, and ArtCrawl's art-integrating-business skew. 

Missed National ( Poetry ) Book Award winner Nicky Finney read at Vanderbilt the other week, puke on me. 


Djuna Barnes' Nightwood
Complete Poems of Hart Crane ( ed. Waldo Frank ),  
Jimmy Carter's Always a Reckoning ( ! )