Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"... injury kept to me / attentions / the peripheries ..." / Poem in Dear Sir, & some Leslie Scalapino

Dear Sir, received and enjoyed "Town, of Furs," and might will place the thing in their ( 'edible'-themed ) #12, arriving, um, April-ish, 2013.  We sure do forget the dates this far in the future, but I'm re-minding. You re-mind, too.

August, over and done with but whose energy rolls on into the Septembers ( there should be two of 'em, like Dakotas ). And
a new bookstore ( ? ) in Nashville that you haven't told me about, or maybe you did and I was eating bread.

I prefer listening, that is something, usually commitments from more than one of my senses imbues me with inertia, passive, cerebral inertias. Leslie Scalapino does with my brains with her one front of her face. The more frenetic ones you can feel her face saying words if you put your headphones in: