Friday, June 29, 2012

'P i d e r update / relevance of There

A man less stained daily by sweltering weather would've gone to the most recent ( yesterday ) PoetrySucks! event at Dino's, but I was cooling to/re-exploring Loretta Clodfelter's There ( recommended: Francis Raven's lengthy piece - ah, length, done right, nooks, amblings, fringe/orbital relevances entering the body of the poem & mulling the bound/serial/contextual dimensions of Explosions In The Sky, who did the Ryman ( which is Nashville ) the previous night. As per usual, much obliged to the JRizz, clansmen and clanswomen eternally host this city in the best fashion. They are a good Joy Division song.

'P i d e r is reaching further stages in its sprawl, gathering bio notes and working out the technical issues in the html blah. A fist of artists like Beef Oven, Chris Hosea, and Debrah Morkun to name some.


As well, amping for the continental tour two weeks in the future: I want the ocean to throw myself into, carbonated, salts, froth, beach climates, Gary Busey swag, Point Break.