Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Nashville Poetry Reading: Dino's

First off, bless Dino's, let's start with that. For the cheap beer, the unashamedly patriotic as heck ambience, the smoldering balls of black meat that her working-class patrons put in their stomachs, and for existing as the strongest counterpoint I know of to bars that require trim posture and a social mouthpiece. But she cannot support poetry.

Even visiting writer, Jake Adam York, associate professor of English and the Director of Creative Writing at the University of Denver Colorado, could not meet the enthusiasm I'd garnered for a night of poetry at effing Dino's (!) The speaking voice was absent, the local nod to local-natives heavy. I have a pile I'm working on without wanting to add to it. Nashville, I should've known, but I can't know, I cannot ever know. I will consume your creative arts and burp out 'Pider for this city.

So send 'Pider your translation of the dog's claw marks at the wood, a recording of howls, a list of ceramics terminology, a recording of you whistling, and send it to

And watch ( listen to ) this, foxers: