Sunday, March 27, 2011

STEAMER, Volume One

STEAMER editor, Sam Langer, gracefully performed an exchange of his arto-poetry booklet for a copy of I'm sorry , about Baseball. Engaging, amusing, accessible, poems of varying length landed among pen-sketches. STEAMER, Volume 1, arrives to the states from that histo-mythic land of Australia, with a manner and poise, a reflection of transit and bustle of present voices rushing Melbourne, Australia.

Absolutamente I had this 30 pg. black & white goodie tucked under my arm around the bay area these last weeks. Australia speaks to me through STEAMER.

Fondness over Sam's collaborative poem, "Leather," with Jal Nicholl:

... Sun threw the popsicle willows

A spine of fog. The stunning curds

Floated beyond the beer swans ...

Two more of their collabs are over at Cordite Poetry Review.

Michael Farrell reaches at Australia, "the net":

is good for

catching criminals not

sharks. in my work for the

fake organisation the reformed sharks

league, i have met several actual sharks...

there never was

a tail of blood ...

Then Duncan Hose creates a fresh keel-noise considering histo-politico-geography with the ecstatic-travelogue "your ankels are ham:/var. On the work of Pearce's/ British Addictions." A piece:

... The sky tho circumpolar hath no regular sun, only grays more


Less cloaked, like a promise's promise my running mate's

A convict's convict whom I chose once I knowed

He spells his name 'Charels' ...

Look for it out on those restless whale-roads.