Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out of Our # 9 - Better Than Graveyard-Stew

Quick (!) run over to City Lights or Dog Eared Books in The Mission and slip the newest Out of Our ( #9 ) into your coat innards while it's still coat-weather. ( If you wait, it'll just turn warm and you'll have a hard time explaining that rectangular bulge in the front of your cutoff jean shorts. ) Thus are we one, and you are like the tooth fairy having another tooth and I am a dreaming boy who will wake up with a shiny new coin.

And it's the waiting game for me as the next Anemone Sidecar ( #14 ) may arrive with two poems ( "The stars think I have a job but I do not" & "Anne Sexton" ). Currently, these two tidbits are having a staring contest with internet limbo and who knows who'll come out on top.

*A treat, goodness, a treat (!) - The Unpublished Book of Blues