Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Let's be close..." / Book Just Out

"Let's be close Rope to mast, you Old light," is now a wad of actual mass, externalized brain, a commodity into the world. One may find/purchase it at the Blue & Yellow Dog Dog bookstore, here, or at Better Homes Through Poems here. It's also listed, floating forever, over there on the right-hand side of this page.

My thanks to poet-artist-friendo Meagen Crawford for doing the cover, and to the man in the director's chair, Raymond Farr.

Some magic tid-bits to entice:

/"I bet you drive all the dry riverboys wild..."

/"A space is by fierce influence..."

/"The people are savage about
the symmetry withdrawing into its sky a star's
bones are savage
about their night."

/"...boredom on the rock,
Boredom in the stars of neckline."

/"We are animals because the sailors never see us
spit out on the shore..."

/"...I don't tell you let's
not try to be the dead."

/"Then I fell into the rosebushes,
about the green ones:
they were looking at the red ones."